Boston MA

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“We had a bad experience with a former contractor. He guttered everything and charged us extra for the rest of the work. They left a mess with those dunkin cups and refused to continue with the work unless we pay him extra for the work that we never authorized him to do. So we were very angry about it. The house was left with no work for about 2 months because no contractor wanted to pick up the work. We are glad that we found Arcaya. He was recommended by my boss’s friend. When Luis arrived, he reassured us that he would be able to pick up the rest of the work for less that what the initial contractor quoted us. He was so nice and has a unique sense of humor. Anyways, he was able to finish our third floor in three months and added additional new rooms for us (initially 2 rooms and one big family room. We have 6 functional rooms now). He made great recommendation and helped us get more space for the room without us paying extra. His crew were wonderful. They were quiet and respectful. They never played loud music or talked loudly like the old contractor was. They used the backdoor so that they did not disturb our residents. One more thing that I love about his crew was that they were so delicate to the work. I compared his work to one of the bedrooms our first contractor did, the walls were smooth and I don’t see any plaster line. They also used color paint unless the former contractor who insisted on charging extra for a different other than white. I also liked that they cleared the hallway at the end of every day so that we would not have any problem to walk to the third floor to check on the progress. He also found that our front door was a bit sticky. He asked his crew to re install the front door with no extra cost at the end of the project. Luis is professional and truly cares about his clients. I can’t say enough good things about him. I would totally use him again in the future, but hopefully I won’t have any repairs since he did really good work!” –